Why join?

Because health is a team sport and you have a team waiting for you. Beam Tribe is a community of people who share a common desire to make daily health progress. We all achieve that progress differently but we show up everyday. 

Changing your lifestyle is a lot easier when you have a GPS and people supporting you along the journey. That's what we've created with Beam Tribe.

What you get as a member

Full access to all content within the Beam Tribe platform that allows you to track your progress, create a personalized list of your favourite content, enter screening data to show your improvement over time (coming 2021) and engage in community discussions with fellow tribe members (coming 2021).

Our promise

New content added weekly as our team continues to learn, quick tech support for any issues accessing the platform, support and help from our content team as you progress along your health journey.

Examples of the content we've created:


- Understanding low back pain and how to eliminate the causes

- Squat series: why the squat is important, why we lose it, how to restore your squat

- What does lifestyle mean and how to start living a more healthy lifestyle

- Defining what being "healthy" means

- Bunions: What are they, why we get them, how to get rid of them, how to prevent them

- Pain: Why its important, how to use it as feedback to guide your process

- Footwear 101: What to look for when buying shoes

- Foot health 101: Everything you need to know about restoring healthy feet in a 6 minute video

- How too much chair sitting causes low back pain, knee pain and collapsed feet


- How to reliably measure your ankle mobility and track improvement over time

- Using kneeling as a replacement to the chair

- Daily joint hygiene for your spine, hips and ankles

- How to build a daily squat habit

- Screening your hip mobility

- Restoring mobility in the 33 joints of each foot


- Advanced beam software: over 75 movement challenges you can work on as part of your daily beam practice

- Everything from easy basics like standing on 1 leg for 60 seconds to advanced tasks like 180 jumps on your beam

- Completion tracking allows you to check off tasks once you have completed them which unlocks the next task of increased difficulty


Most of all, Beam Tribe is about community. By the end of 2020 members will be able to message each other, and search for members in their local area to provide opportunities to organize outdoor beam/play sessions in person.