The Community

The idea for Beam Tribe began in late 2019 as a concept to create a globally community of humans looking to improve their health.

A digital platform that allowed our team of health leaders to share their experience and help expand health awareness for those looking to learn. An evolving health GPS that people could have in their pocket and use as a catalyst for behaviour change. 

The concept was pushed into reality in February 2020 when the global Covid crisis hit. We cancelled our events and focused our energy into building the digital platform that would allow people to learn remotely. We launched in May 2020 and have been working to expand our content and improve the platform ever since. 


Beam Tribe Crēdō: The set of values that aligns our community.

- Openness: An open mind willing to engage in a constant learning process is the first step towards self improvement

Dedication: A commitment to daily self improvement and making progress on your health journey. 

- Serenity: Aspiring towards a state of mind where we consciously control our emotional responses to conserve energy and reduce suffering. 


Why Join?

Because health is a team sport and you have a team waiting for you. Beam Tribe is a community of people who share a common desire to make daily health progress. We all achieve that progress differently but we show up everyday. 

Changing your lifestyle is a lot easier when you have a GPS and people supporting you along the journey. That's what we've created with Beam Tribe.

As a member you get full access to all content as we continue to add and evolve the videos based on member feedback. 

Our promise: The relentless drive to foster community, update our knowledge and provide you with the awareness and tools needed to make regular progress on your health journey.