What is the Foot & Ankle HealthKit?

A tool to help you understand the process of resolving foot & ankle issues. It includes video lessons, experiments to try and a way to connect with other HealthKit community members on our Mighty network.

Is the HealthKit a physical product?

It's a digital product and not a physical product. We offer physical tools from our stores in Canada, Australia, Spain (Europe), Germany, UK and South Korea which can help you along your journey to restore excellent foot health. 

What's included in the HealthKit?

17 short video lessons, simple explanations of common foot issues, experiments to try, and a PDF guide to keep you on track. You also gain access to our online community, an awesome group with hundreds of humans who are going through the HealthKit, just like you!

What's the time commitment?

30 minutes a day for 42 consecutive days. This time can be spent on anything related to understanding and improving your foot and ankle health, such as watching lesson videos and trying experiments.

Do I need to purchase equipment in order to use the HealthKit?

No equipment is required! We encourage you to get creative and find DIY alternatives to commonly used items like the balance beam (plank of wood), hacky sack (balled up socks), mobility ball (firm tennis ball) etc.

If you do want to purchase equipment, the tools are all available at our global TFC stores in Canada, Australia, Spain (Europe), Germany, UK and South Korea and if you purchase the HealthKit, you will receive discount codes for the stores.

Will the HealthKit tell me exactly what to do to fix my problem?

With the creation of this HealthKit, we want to empower you to understand what caused your problem and the steps you need to take to fix it. Because everyone’s foot and ankle issues are different, we don't tell you exactly what to do.

Instead, when you purchase the HealthKit, you agree to devote 30 minutes a day for 42 days to working on your foot and ankle issues. We created lesson videos, experiments, and pathology videos that are available to you, and a printable PDF to guide you through each of the 42 days. We are confident that if you keep this commitment of30 minutes a day for 6 weeks, you will see major improvements in your foot & ankle health.

What if I have an acute foot/ankle injury?

If you have recently suffered from an acute foot or ankle injury, we believe the HealthKit can still be beneficial for you. We've created lessons about pain and managing acute injuries to help you navigate your way back to being painfree.

Where can I find sample videos from the Foot & Ankle HealthKit to view before I purchase?

We have a demonstration video available on the home page. This video gives you a sneak peak of a lesson, experiments, and pathology videos.

How can I purchase the HealthKit?

Click here to purchse.

I purchased the HealthKit, but I don’t know how to access the online platform?

After you make a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access the HealthKit and create an account in our private online community. 

Is the kit specifically for bunions?

The Foot & Ankle HealthKit is designed for all foot and ankle issues, including bunions.