F&A Pathology Library

Welcome to our constantly evolving pathology searchbase available to our HealthKit community. 

Mission: Improve awareness of F&A pathologies with simple 5 minute explanations that cover (click each link to watch the 5min video): 

WHAT the common symptoms are

WHY the issue is happening (root cause)

Experiment recommendations


1. Plantar Fasciitis

2. Neuroma [Andy]

3. Achilles tendinitis (/tendinopathy)

4. Turf Toe

5. Sesamoiditis

6. Metatarsalgia

7. Corns

8. Ingrown toenails

9. Calcaneal apophysitis (aka severs disease)

10. Hallux Rigidus

11. Tibialis posterior tendinopathy

12. Bunion (aka hallux valgus) [Andy]

13. Ankle impingement

14. Ankle sprain (lateral) [Andy]

15. Athletes foot (tinea pedis)

16. Diabetic neuropathy

17. Heel spur

18. Hammer toe

19. Pes planus (flat feet)

20. Pes cavus

21. Plantar warts

22. Calf strain

23. Tailors bunion

24. Ankle sprain (medial)

25. High ankle sprain