BT revenue allocation

Beam Tribe is a community funded project. We feel that transparency is the best way to ensure accountability and based on that, we decided to make all Beam Tribe financials fully transparent to our community. Here is how we use membership funds (13.04.2020):


- Shopify website hosting fees ($348 USD per year)

- Transaction fees charged by Shopify (2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction)

Profit allocation:

- 30% paid to beam team  (includes paying creators, upgrading equipment)

- 15% to member experience team to help with questions

- 15% to TFC App to continue developing and improving the interface

- 10% to admin/overhead

- 10% to marketing in order to expand awareness for Beam Tribe

- 10% to hardware innovation to improve TFC beam hardware offerings

- 5% to TFC Give. Our way of giving back to the community