Beam experiences

Will resume when C19 passes

Experiences are all about coming together in person to re-connect through movement, play, breathwork and balance training with the goal of fostering a sense of local community. 

Our aim is to find the perfect recipe that combines learning, movement and inspiration while leading you through a memorable and fun experiential session. Our team of experience leaders will be looking to partner with health, fitness, yoga and rehab facilities to offer 60-90 minute group sessions where we can reconnect after such a long time apart.

Beam Experiences will be replacing seminars and workshops and event registration will include a 1 month access pass to Beam Tribe where everything we covered in our previous event offerings is organized into a collection of short videos for those who want to dig deeper into their learning process.

Once C19 restrictions begin to lift we will make more information available regarding the structure of our new experiences and where we plan to schedule the  initial sessions.