Foot & Ankle HealthKit [v2.0]

Number of people using F&A HealthKit [v2.0]: 746

What is the HealthKit?

A 42 day digital course to help you take back responsibility for your foot and ankle health. With this HealthKit, we provide you with a framework to learn about your foot and ankle issues, identify the root cause, and take steps towards resolving these issues. Through video lessons and experimentation, we help you along your journey towards optimal foot and ankle health.

Our Promise

If you commit 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks, we guarantee that you will see improvement in your foot or ankle issue. If you do not see improvement after 42 days, we will refund your payment.

What is included?

Video lessons

A PDF guide to keep you on track

Experiment videos

Pathology videos

Access to our online community

HealthKit Demo Video

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